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Wilsonart and Formica are both high quality brands that have great colors to choose from and have a long lifespan. We recommend staying with either of these brands!

Note: Color numbers that end with -60, -38, and -58 are matte finish colors that are in the lowest price group, if the number at the end is anything else then it is an upgrade finish that has an additional cost. Upgrade finishes usually have some texture that make it look more authentic and/or is more durable than matte finish colors.

Viewing online is the first step to selecting a color, however the best option is to come to our showroom and see a physical sample. For most colors we have large 24” x 30” pieces to look at. The Formica and Wilsonart websites may be helpful for some preliminary selecting and being able to click on “View full sheet” so that you are able to see veining and changes in a color pattern that may not be seen on small samples.

On the Wilsonart website you will see color numbers that begin with “YO,” be aware that any color that starts with that is special order and takes 6-8 weeks to get and will have an extra premium added to the price

Laminate Colors for Every Aesthetic
Discover an exquisite selection of laminate colors that cater to a broad spectrum of design preferences.

Our range includes:

White Granite & Marble colors

Achieve a pristine, timeless look with our white granite and marble-inspired laminate colors.

4924-38 White Carrara

6696-58 Carrara Bianco

1885K-07 Marmo Bianco

4925K-07 Calcutta Marble

9536-34 Quartzite Bianco 180Fx

9476-43 White Ice Granite

3460-46 Calacatta Marble 180Fx

Gray Granite & Marble colors

Embrace sophistication with our gray granite and marble-inspired laminate shades.

4998K-22 Andorra Shadow

4987K-07 Leche Vesta

1886K-07 Cote D’Azur

4954K-22 Italian White di Pesco

9306-34 White Bardiglio

6697-58 Argento Romano

9308-58 Geriba Gray

1879K35 Trinidad Lapidus

6319 RD Café Azul 180Fx

9537-34 Stormy Night Granite 180Fx

9303 RD Azul Aran 180Fx

4882-38 Oiled Soapstone

Granite and Marble Earthtone colors

Bring natural warmth into your space with earthy tones reminiscent of granite and marble.

3422 RD Crema Mascarello 180Fx

3546-46 Rivergold 180Fx

1888K-22 Hebron White

1867K-55 Perla Piazza

1876K-35 Spring Carnival

1877K-52 Autumn Carnival

3547 RD Lapidus Brown 180Fx

4952K-22 Typhoon Ice

9497-58 Silver Quartzite

1874K-35 Winter Carnival

Earthtone colors

Explore a rich palette of earthy hues to infuse a cozy ambiance into your surroundings.

4981-38 Calcutta Oro

4783-60 White Tigris

6698-58 Paloma Polar

4931-38 White Juparana

5003-38 White Cascade

9529-43 Sea Salt

4942-38 Crisp Linen

4943-38 Classic Linen

4944-38 Casual Linen

4876-38 Sheer Mesh

Gray colors

For a contemporary and sleek appearance, our gray laminate colors offer a modern twist.

7500-58 Noir Envision

5009-60 Pebble Piazza

1887K-22 Benjamin Gray

Solid colors

Create a bold statement with our solid color laminate options.

1573-60 Frosty White

D354-60 Designer White

1595-60 Black

1500N-60 Grey

D381-60 Fashion Grey

949-58 White

459-58 Brite White

934-58 Pearl

Elevate your interior design with our diverse laminate color collection, designed to complement any style and enhance your space’s aesthetics. Find the perfect hue that resonates with your vision, and transform your surfaces with style and functionality. With a range this extensive, you’re sure to find the ideal laminate color to elevate your project.

Follow the link bellow to find the styles that you wish.

In order for us to help get a laminate you want, it’s best if you choose your first color choice, and then two other backup choices. If you don’t have backup choices, and you only like one – that’s okay!