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Think Twice about your Countertop Price

You might find yourself thinking, how much will a new countertop cost? Before you go chasing discounts and defects, consider a laminate countertop. These are long-lasting, easy to clean, and look amazing — all at a much lower price point than granite. The real question is what you’ll do with all the money you save. Find out how to receive pricing on a laminate countertop.

Receive Pricing on a Laminate Countertop

Whether you’re considering remodeling a single bathroom, or building a brand new house, it’s tough to know where to start. But the experts at The Countertop Factory are here to help you figure it out. After all, we love walking with residential clients, commercial partners, and everyone in-between. Whatever project you’ve been dreaming about, we’ve got the laminate countertop to bring it all together.

Receive Countertop Pricing Online

The first step of any construction project is making sure you have an accurate budget. In order to make it easy for you, we’ve laid out a simple path to getting a quote for your laminate countertop online. That said, some people just feel better with a pen in paper in their hand, looking at all the samples in real life. If that’s you, we hope you’ll make yourself at home when you come by our store. Either way, the affordable countertops you’ve been dreaming about are just around the corner. Receive Pricing on Laminate Countertops

Seven Easy Steps to your Dream Countertop

To provide you with the most accurate countertop quote, we need a few details; this includes:
  1. A sketch of your space with basic measurements
  2. An idea of what color or style you’d like
  3. A photo of your space
  4. Your preference for an edge and corner profile (think square vs. rounded)
  5. If you’d like a backsplash or not
  6. If you have a corner cabinet, whether or not it includes a Lazy Susan
  7. Your contact information!
If this feels overwhelming, don’t worry, we can get started with just some of the information above. What counts most is that you’ve made the smart choice of getting laminate countertops.

High Quality, Affordable Countertop Solutions

Whether you envision countertops that are clutter-free, or know they’ll be covered by kids’ homework and spills, we can’t wait to help you move forward. Getting pricing on laminate countertops, which includes professional installation, is the best place to start. We’ve been serving folks like you across Northern Utah for decades. Don’t wait, receive pricing on a laminate countertop. Let’s bring your vision to life today!